Anti slip tape
  • Anti slip tape
  • Anti slip tape
  • Anti slip tape
  • Anti slip tape

Anti slip tape

Based on PVC material,combined with Quartz sand/emery sand/alumina sand,coated with solvent acrylic glue.

1,Good flexibility, can fit on different surfaces
2,Easy to be tear by hand,easy to operate
3,High anti-slip coefficient, good effect
4,No residue,easy to clean
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Material: PVC+Quartz sand     Adhesive: solvent acrylic      Thickness:0.75mm

Initial tack:≥10#                        Holding power:≥24H              180°Adhesion to steel: ≥8N/25MM

Tensile strength:   ≥40N/25MM    Elongation:≥20%              Temperature resistant: -10℃-80℃


1.Equipment:skateboards, scooters, treadmills, fitness equipment, machine tools, printing machine,the foot pedal and the channel, stepped on the bus;

                       recreation and tour buses, boats, trailers, trucks, planes on a hanging ladder, large or small power equipment

2.Site:kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, homes for the elderly, stations, subway stations, ports, hotels, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms, sports, fitness and recreation rooms,

          entrances and pedestrian ramps, freight yard, working area and decks, and other places.



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